Having recently recorded in Byron Bay with multiple Aria Award-winning producer Jordan Power, (Angus & Julia Stone, Kasey Chambers, Xavier Rudd), The Short Fall are finally ready to showcase their new material to awaiting audiences after almost 4 years since the release of their last EP, State of Mind. For singer-songwriter siblings Angelo & Ryan Conway, this time gap was never an intentional hiatus, but more of a natural exploration of other creative vices that eventually lead back to the creation of new music works.

Their new upcoming single, Under the Clouds is a continuation of their previous endeavours, featuring their trademark harmonies, catchy melodies and guitar work; albeit with a renewed energy and perspective that comes from revisiting the natural song-writing chemistry that was put on hold for the past 3 and a half years.

‘We’d been constantly writing and evolving our songs up until the release of our second EP in late 2014, after which we decided to step back and focus on other creative endeavours. The past 3 and a half years have been a chance for us to rediscover what we love about The Short Fall’s sound and where we want to take our music into the future.’ – Angelo

The siblings have in no way slowed down since the release of State of Mind, instead choosing to focus their creative energy into other projects. What is evidently clear is that both siblings’ talents lie beyond that of just song writing, but their musical connection & on-stage chemistry keeps bringing them back to The Short Fall.

They struck gold in November 2013 with their debut single ‘The Meadow’, winning the annual MusicOz Australian Independent Music Award for best acoustic singer-songwriter, while their 2014 follow up single ‘Seasons’ garnered airplay on Triple J, Triple M, ABC Radio, Sea FM and on a huge amount of Community Radio Stations across the country. Since the release of State of Mind they have toured & performed relentlessly across Queensland, and now will be looking to launch their new single to awaiting audiences.


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