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New single release date – 2nd November

25 Oct 2018

New single release date – 2nd November

25 Oct 2018

The Conway brothers have been holding this track on the back-burner, having written it for their first EP yet cut the track as it didn’t quite match their earlier sound. Four and a half years later, a total rework and The Short Fall are ready to showcase their fresh, new sound to their awaiting audience.


On face value, Under the Clouds is reminiscent of a vague unrequited love story, still with a dark underlying tone twisted within; inspired by The Police’s Every Breath You Take, yet their lyrical ambiguity leaves it up to you to form a meaning of your own from the single.


Travelling down to Byron Bay, they worked hard on recreating the track with ARIA Award winning producer Jordan Power – Angus & Julia Stone, Xavier Rudd, Kasey Chambers, The Living End – and marking their first time in studio since the passing of long-term collaborator, friend and producer Anthony Lycenko in August 2017.


“I don’t think we’d stopped to process just how much Anthony’s death had affected us until we were driving to Byron Bay. For us it was dipping our toe back in the water after quite a long time away from the studio. The experience was quite cathartic; in a way, a piece of Anthony is in this song, as we’d worked on it with him all those years ago when we originally wrote it (it was written for our first EP) so it͛s sort of come full circle,” said Angelo Conway, of the recording process.


Even though they’re now living in two different areas of The Sunny State, Angelo and Ryan Conway haven’t let distance get in their way of expressing their like-minded wavelength in song-writing and harmonies.


With the time that has passed, The Short Fall have taken on a new vision for their track; taking elements of the past and mixing it with current ideas & sound to create Under the Clouds.


Under the Clouds is set for release Friday, November 2nd!

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